About Us

National Economics and Financial Economics Challenge

The National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) is an annual educational challenge organized by the NUS Economics Society. NEFMC is targeted at pre-tertiary students and aims to stimulate their interests in Economics, as well as develop critical thinking skills in relation to Economics-related issues.

Every year, pre-University institutions send in teams to not only compete, but to apply their Economics knowledge in real life situations.

Mission Statements

To create a space where participants will be encouraged to voice their ideas confidently, allowing them to be comfortable with being creative with their proposed strategies.

To promote team spirit and good sportsmanship in the course of the challenges so as to gain an appreciation for the spirit of learning and the effort to further Singapore’s economic literacy.

To continually challenge the participants to put in their utmost effort in every aspect of the competition and to demand high standards.

To ensure that participants will have fun throughout the competition and forge friendships across multiple institutions.