NEFMC 2018

Taking into consideration the effects of changing trends and shifts in global economy, this year’s Organising Committee felt it was timely to consider how we can better position Singapore’s economy. Thus, the theme for this year’s challenge will be ‘A Future-Ready Singapore’ taking place on 21st and 28th July 2018 (Prelims and Semi-finals & Finals respectively). Through this theme, we hope that students will gain an understanding of the challenges facing Singapore’s Economy, critically analyze trends and its effects on Singapore and suggest future policies to help Singapore’s economy be ready for the future.


Every year, the organizing committee of NEFMC challenges itself to refresh the programmes to make every year a memorable one. The well-received Amazing Race during NEFMC 2017 will remain and injected with fresh elements! This year, the theme of NEFMC 2018 has been heavily influenced by the challenges to Singapore’s Economy. As part of our mission statement to encourage proactive participation in economics discourse, this year’s challenge will also feature two brand new segments:

1. The Debate – with a twist!

• Teams will be given a problem and the Debate will be conducted with each Team representing different stakeholders to simulate the actual conflicts and decision-making process faced by the many parties.

• Allow participants to foster a better understanding of industry or sector-specific concerns and gain an insider perspective of decision-making processes and major issues facing major economic stakeholders

2. Mystery box – be prepared for the Adrenaline rush

• Teams will randomly choose one of the five boxes which will contain the topic that they will be presenting to our judges with only 10 minutes to prepare.

We hope that these two rounds will further challenge the finalists as we move beyond pen and paper assessments to healthy discourse.

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